Mosaic Shapes for macOS

Transform your photos to beautiful mosaic art


1. Choose a photo

2. Adjust your settings

3. Run

Parameters Explained

Abstract level - Set the size of shapes. Higher settings make the image more abstract.
Diamond - Shapes are drawn in a diamond constraint.
Grid - Shapes are drawn in a grid constraint.
Colorful - Distort the colors of the image to create the shape. However, when viewing the image from afar, the colors are still averaged to give off the impression of the original colors.
Normal - Use the average colors of the image to create the shapes.
Min Resolution - If the dimensions of the image you load does not meet the minimum value you provide, Mosaic Shapes will scale your image up prior to processing. Scaling images up increases processing time, but also produces higher quality results.

Abstract Levels

Level 5

Level 14

Level 22


Giving Back

A portion of the sales (10%) is donated on a monthly basis back to Art Museums.

Active Development

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